Friday, March 6, 2009

What, me Worry?

So, the Rand has gained some value, some employees are still under threat of being laid off, petrol remains under pressure and our endearing politicians still go about their business in style. Yet, I remain un-phased.

The Rand gaining some value has no real bearing on my working day. I continue to pay my accounts, loan money at will and buy food. I have no choice in the matter. I simply adjust, and pay, and pay, and pay.

Employees loosing their job? Who cares! Me is not affected in the least. I still have my job, my motor vehicle, my tax burden, my inevitable destiny with the weekly Lotto frenzy…and face crime like a seasoned war veteran; behind palisade fencing, well guarded windows and with my trusty firearm at my side.

And petrol. What about petrol? I go to a petrol station, look the attendant in the eye and tell him to fill up. Maybe not as much as before, but “fill her up” none the less. I mean, its not as if an alternative means of transport is readily available?

And what of the endearing politicians? Well, they will carry on taking advantages of our hard earned tax-money, taking well rationalised paid for vacations and encouraging us to dispense with our votes at a drop of a hat. They are, after all, a bunch of do-gooders who carry my best interests at heart.

Thank goodness for the all consuming virtual Circus Maximus. A good few clicks of the remote and a world of choice unfolds before one’s eyes: from soaps to sex, from sports to sex, from news to sex. And all one needs is to shift expectations, buy well-hung chickens, be simply irresistible, and be loving it.



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